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Good news everyone! Few weeks ago I was trying to access flickr on my mobile phone as well as PDA. In both cases it hung up the browser.

Today I got redirected to this mobile website. So if you have a www capable mobile you can take your flickr anywhere! Now that would be a nice addiction. :-)

5 minutes later: I guess Flickr mobile was here for a while. I don’t know why it didn’t work before. Perhaps it was down few weeks ago when I was trying to access it for the first time.

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Samsung released 3D music video featuring Kara’s cheering song

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Soccer fans paid a great attention to the Samsung’s stereoscopic image zone at Seoul Sangam World Cup stadium on May 16th when the warm-up match between Korea and Ecuador was held ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa in June.

At the special zone, Samsung released a 3D music video featuring Korean popular female band Kara, in an effort to promote its 3D TVs and help Korean soccer fans enjoy more vivid and realistic play in 3 dimensions at the same time.

The girls band’s cheering song titled “We’re with you” gained a tremendous popularity among spectators.

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Joseph GordonLevitt Filming Scene in Snow The Dark Knight Rises

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As an advocate for 3D technologies, Michael Bay films like Transformers: Dark of The Moon set new standards that pave the way for future 3D films to be made

Things You Should Know About The Roland HD1

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Summer Fashion Essentials

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Motorola Xoom

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Motorola Xoom

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First Windows Mango Phone unveiled

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The Adidas Ethos: Sports and Fashion

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FashionDistrict The Show

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Fashion:District The Show – Treasury Runway

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Sony NEX C3 Review

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